The Ingenieurbüro IBU is a freelance engineering company with long-term experience in municipal underground construction and in rural development. A core of young, qualified staff means that even complex planning can be processed.

The complete range of engineering services is offered, from support with applying for subsidies through advice, blueprint and implementation planning, planning of tender documents to site management and local site supervision as well as construction calculation and project management.


Town and landscape planning

Land use and construction plans, village development plans, landscaping, landscape planning, noise protection, re-cultivation, renovation plans, street planning, roadspace design, traffic calming, traffic planning

Civil engineering structures, traffic facilities, municipal underground construction

Drainage, earth and soil engineering, provision of services, waterways, flood protection, infrastructure, parks, road construction, traffic facilities, surveying, hydraulic engineering, paths and squares, supporting structures

Environmental technology

Contaminated sites, landfill planning, general drainage plans, ground water development, well construction, sewage systems, sewage works planning, pumping stations, flood control construction, water supply, water treatment

Building renovation and structural engineering

Building renovation as part of village renewal: Clubhouses, fire brigade buildings, parish halls, Leisure facilities and playgrounds

Site supervision

Local site supervision, Site management for engineering construction, traffic facilities and building renovation

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We offer the possibility of internships for students and graduates of universities. To find out more, contact us directly.